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Originally Posted by Excorant View Post
Hmmm... but from the posts I still didnt fully understand where the problem is... Is it in the naivity of the mission... meaning that its evident you shoot civilians but game thinks you are stupid not to know? Or is it the fact that you dont like this mission because its morally wrong to kill civilians? Or is the problem in this mission to be not fitting into Star Trek lore?
1 is the naivity... it was Too TOO obvious from when you hit the station that the mission was wrong.. so there was no moral question.. just frustration at having to stupidly follo along cause no alternative poped up.

2 I truely expected the change to shoot or at last arrest the bi t ch admiral to come up but no its just follo by nose

3 Even in Star trek i expect collateral damage.. and these wernt civilians they were medics but military

But the Fed is NOT at war with the romulans.. as i understand it we are at war with the Klingons because of objections to the klingon attack on the Romulan rump state.

4 That makes this mission then like a us fleet dropping special forces off into say China to diarm a weapon research program.. finding themselves in a hospital and deciding that killing everything hat moves before pulling out is the way to go.

5 So doesnt fit into Star trek lore. Picard arrests the sect 31 admiral playing with phasing cloaks in defiance of the treaty of algeron. Thats where we should be here.

But the mission is just pure linear railroading... and it had the ability to be another great mission leaving you with the guilt of killing the early contacts in the hospital and ,maybe the satisfaction of exposing the undine 9or better arresting her..or a Sctn 31 admiral equivalent.

Woulda liked being a Lt Com bringing back an Admiral to T'nae. could have had nice hand over admiral in chains.. even a fly her back to Sol for trial