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03-09-2010, 07:56 AM
Originally Posted by sonofsarpeidon
When I bought this game. I talked about how much fun I was having nearly every day to my friends. Most of my friends played WoW with me, and so I thought there was a fair chance of getting them on board with this one. At least a few of them are casual fans of the franchise at least to the point that they've seen a few of the movies aside from the reboot, and some of them have even been talked into watching DS9 from start to end. (I have yet to hear a negative reaction from anybody who I talk into completing that particular journey).

I stopped talking to my friends about this game after Divide et Impera. The feeling I got while playing that mission is not something I would wish to subject another person to. Thinking that I might have unwittingly encouraged my friends to play this game before I played that mission actually makes me feel a little bit dirty. At least the much publicized "airport mission" in Modern Warfare 2 allows the player the option of standing in the back watching all the terrible stuff unfold in front of you. To recommend this game to my friends I would have to be fully aware that I'm recommending a game where in spite of aspiring to be one of the good guys you still wind up shooting innocent people, and doctors no less.
Its odd by while my motivations arnt exactly identical here I find that I too stopped reccomending this to buddies that I know like Star Trek. I hadn't realized I had till I saw this post.... but yes now i find myself saying "well its not star trek..." a lot

Funny How a single Apallingly S h 1 t mission can affect your whol perspective.. without you even realising.

Its been kinda like when i bailed from Eve... I lost my second cruiser whil transitioning between maps. Like this mission there was nothing I could do... i cancelled Eve that same night.
I havent done that with STO... i guess its been too much part of my life since the 60's
But it was close... I dont know if i could take another hit like this