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Originally Posted by Rerednaw View Post
I completely agree. I am sure many of us have gone over how this we would have worked it.
The instant my officer reported there was no trace of weapons I was immediately suspicious.
And that old "just following orders" doesn't apply to Starfleet.

Wouldn't have it been more consistent if it went something like this:

[Tac off]: Captain subspace priority message from SF
[Capt] I'll take it in my ready room.

*Capt's ready room*
[Zelle]...this is a top secret mission vital to preventing development of new Romulan subspace/viral weaponry.
[Capt] Yes sir. I will await your arrival.
*closes comm* *looks thoughtful for a moment and then hits the comm again*
[Capt] Sci off I have a special mission for you. *screen fade out*
*rest of mission begins to proceed like the original script up until*
[Capt] Set weapons to stun. Medical officer utilize the short-term memory loss hypo we discussed.
[Zelle] Capt I must protest...
[Capt] You may file a formal protest but while we are on the ground I have operational authority.
[Zell] *walks off in a huff*
[Sci off]: *quietly* We found something interesting in one of these crates sir.
[Capt]: Report.
[Sci off] This appears to be a new method of identifying Undine sir.
[Sci off] In addition there has been no less than 17 incidents where Zelle has displayed atypical behavior or given orders which were not keeping in the spirit of Starfleet regulations.
Capt] I see anything else?
[Sci off]I've taken the liberty of upgrading our tricorder with the new scanning protocols.
[Capt] The results?
[Sci off] Zelle is an Undine sir and now we can prove it...
Or something similar...would it be so bad?
absolutely an easy branching choice. Cryptic are doing way to many railroaders.

They can even include some section 31 missions.. hey give some players the chance to voluntarily do morally suspect or ruthless Sct31 missions. A lot would love the chance.

None of my Chaotic good toons perhaps.. but a lot of players like to be bad boys (girls)