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03-09-2010, 12:10 PM
Several times now i have been killed by hull damage alone while my shields are up. whenever this happens i can actually see the weapons go rite through my shields doing no damage to them but destroying my hull.

When i check my combat log to see what was going on, these weapons were antiproton weapons. Now i purchased 1 antiproton beam array myself to do some testing. this did not go rite though shields.

So following are the possible explinations i have come up with so far.

1. Antiproton cannon weapons go through shields but not beam weapons?

2. A full set of antiproton weapons stacks the chance to penetrate shields and putting all skill points in the increases this chance?

3. anti proton weapons combined with some form of ability go through shields?

4. There is a bug with some of the antiproton weapons??

Notice the question marks guys!!! This is simply a list of POSSIBLE explinations IN MY OWN OPINION.

Finally a question. is the default colour for antiproton cannon bolts Blue?? because every time this has happened to me the weapons have been blue yet all antiproton beams are similar in colour to phasers just darker.