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03-09-2010, 11:27 AM
You can do a couple of things:
* Blind them by jamming their sensors, preferably having 2 so you can tag them back to back
* Scramble sensors is great fun against groups, although Iíve noticed that it sometimes does not work against Borg spheres (this could be user error)
* Incapacitate them with Viral Matrix, rip their shields, and paste them with OL torps
* Partially incapacitate them with Tykon's Rift, ripping a shield and then more OL torps

Better yet, ignore your shields. Protect your hull with Science Team (buffs sci, hull, and shields), Engineering team (to rebuild), and the power that protects against tractors (canít recall name off hand). Consider some of these as you close instead of after they fire. Make SURE you kill the plasma torp the Borg fires or it will wreck your hull.

I almost peed my pants the first time I met a Borg mission as a RA. Then I almost completely reworked my BO science powers (getting Sci Team, scramble sensors, another Tykonís Rift, etc) and the next engagement was not a near death experience. Now my Trident science ship has to work, but not nearly as hard. Many times the Borg donít even do noticable hull damage.

Bottom line, you have to fight the Borg differently than other encounters. This is a good thing. Even better, the tactics used against the Borg work very well against other races.

And a different mindset is a good thing Ė expanding horizons.