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03-09-2010, 11:46 AM
From the way I understand it ... all of this is still rather new ... all shields have a "bleed through" effect so most, if not all, weapons can do hull damage. The shields just lower that against your hull. If for instance, your shields have a 10% bleed through, then your hull would only get 10% of the damage done if no shields were there. This is what I understand at this point. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

It could be that in some cases, different weapons are able to do more hull damage because THEY have a greater "bleed through" effect. The higher tier beams/torps have effects that do more than just damage and it could be that the Antiproton weapon doesn’t ignore shields but has a higher “bleed through” effect, which may cause more damage depending on what type of shields you have. In fact, if you look at your shields, they have a bleed through effect listed as well as regen and strength.

The resulting damage you take may be a combo of your shields bleed through, strength and regen and may be greatly altered by what weapon it tries to defend against. In your case, Antiproton

Just a guess …