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03-09-2010, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
I'm not going to look them all but thanks to someone posting about the Amazon sale today I was able to buy a copy of the just-released ME2 on sale for $36.00 at Amazon this morning.
good find there =) enjoy a game that sto really should have taken a page from (like finishing a game before selling)

but it doesnt directly effect what i was saying as what i really meant was a sale that is a slap in the face (like the atari sale) then followed up with another sale for a constant 'wtf'

EDIT: i mean sale...yeah happens all the time but not for an mmo that just came out, i mean yeah sales are normal but when they are happening this close together when atari lowered the price to ten bucks (rest was sub money for those who werent here for that wonderful weekend) it really brings to question are they just telling everyone to sell while they can because they know they are in trouble? or is it a huge coincidence that amazon is having a sale as well (i know its just for today but it still serves as a point in this discussion)