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03-09-2010, 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by Acylion
So when someone trashes the game, it's a troll post. And when someone praises the game, it's a troll post too.

Whoa. What do we have left, then? No, wait, I got it. Clearly, opinions are unacceptable. We need pure factual statements! Obviously, we must all post in MATH!

What is the escape velocity on earth with respect to Earth's gravity? Mass of the earth = 5.98x1024 kg, R = 6378100 m, G = 6.6726 x 10-11N-m2/kg2. Discuss!

(On topic: Personally, I like the calendar idea. It's a great marketing and PR tool.)
you made me lol, opinions are great they really are but they are even better when you keep them to your self when you are delusinal (typo) as the opening post was (atleast to me) since he had nothing to say then 'EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT LOOK AT THE CALENDAR!' when it actually doesnt say anything then we will be getting 1 or 2 more instanced things that will only take what? 15mins to do?