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03-09-2010, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by fuzun View Post
And don't let the no shields thing intimidate you. It did me at first. When ALL of my shields went down, I fled from the first Cube I fought. It happended again, and a third time. Thereafter I avoided Cubes with my Science ship as I though Cubes were not soloable by them (me). But one time I had a "What the hell" moment when facing a Cube. I knew I was gonna lose in the end. But I wanted to see how long I could last. After a fast and furious battles I was faced exploding Cube. *blink* I won? ... I won!
Lol I'm practically the opposite. If for some reason something ever kills me (in this or pretty much any other game) I go back at it until I understand how to kill it

Basically I charge (well, with method) at any foe I see that's around my level until I understand that' it's not killable (IE: kills me with just a nasty look )