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03-09-2010, 09:59 PM
I'm just sayin' there's interesting possibilities when you have 10 things you can do laid out in front of you. I can:
[my rules]
Buff my team with Overwatch
Buff my team with Rally Cry
Summon 2 NPC security escorts
Throw a smoke grenade
Throw a knockback grenade
Lower my target's resists
Buff my damage
Left strike bat'leth
Right strike bat'leth
Cross-strike bat'leth
Use a hypo
Use a shield regen


[your rules]
Left strike bat'leth
Right strike bat'leth
Cross-strike bat'leth

Which set of skills is going to make for the more interesting, skillful tournament?

True, science teams can spam holds on you but, a) they're using bat'leths too so they still have to run up to you and some of their holds break on damage and b) if you're tactical you have a kit that gives you hold immunity part-time and if you're engineer you can drop phaser turrets, mines, etc and be able to basically attack the science guys even while held (fully skilled up phaser turrets do hurt).

So I think you're giving way too much credit to the ability of science officers to ruin a bat'leth battle.

Incidentally, I would bet that 5 Tacticals can beat 5 Science Officers in a contest using my rules. With skilled up ground combat skills they do a lot more DPS and if they all use the Squad Leader kits they'll have endless AE heals!