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03-09-2010, 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
When I first unlocked Federation I thought it was really going to be great. I have to admit the forced PvE just to level is a pain in the back side. So until they develop some PvP stuff for the Federation side my toon will just sit and gather dust.

Sorry Slamz, I've been a big KDF player, BUT... you can still do alot of PvP as a Fed player AND still have access to extensive PvE and better equipment, i.e. the other 80% of the game a Klingon player has no access to if he / she is totally dedicated to the KDF.

I've been levelling my until-recently stagnant Fed character, who is now at Cmdr10. I've done some PvE, but old habits die hard from the KDF... I've been levelling via PvP. When I square off against the KDF, I take no joy in melting KDF ships in seconds. It's the mission after all :p

When I get bored, I can get back to PvE and have at least some sort of semi-coherent story going on and more things to do instead of blowing up 16 Cardassian Squadrons in some gawdawful nebula that I've seen hundreds of times already.