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03-09-2010, 11:26 PM
I have seen this and dismissed it as that tricobalt or possibly a ram all i know is that they get very close to do it and possibly let go a torpedo. In all that mess its often hard to tell.

I have gotten some wierd combat readout that makes no sense, but I have been destroyed by a single player far to quickly as in two shoted..

Granted my ship skills are not that great because I was more concentrated on ground but still two kill me in two shots while in a carrier with the shields off the pvp vendor all upgraded to admiral level makes little sense.

I have no clue what is causing it and not being one to get bothered about stuff I kinda of ignored it.. and blame it on me, but its possible its not me.. and only twice did i try to figure out what weapons it was and it was tricobalt torpedos one one occassion and on another occassion someone had used all his slots of mines same type (i never saw so many mines come out of one ship) but that is what did me in..

I simply kinda ignore these things.. but I thought I would add my info to the pile..

it may not even be that.. again i ignored it and just kept moving on ..