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03-09-2010, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by QorChang View Post
Really? hmm allow me to post headings from the OTHER Klingon Joined Trill post:

"have seen an update advising the Klingon Joined Trill is being worked on."

"Once Klingon Joined Trill is available will we get an additional character slot to use?"

Or how about your own post in the other thread:

"If there are fed klingons we can easily have klingon joined trills"

Now Once I researched the other thread and noted where in the thread you mentioned it wasnt a bumpy head trill you were talking about. And in this thread you havent mentioned it at all till just now, yet expect any and all readers to have seen all your previous posts? You mention Klingon Jopined trill, expect the average reader to misunderstand your actuall intent unless specified...thats not really a stretch ya know.
You post it in Klingon gameplay, you title it as Klingon Joined Trill not Joined Trill in the Klingon Empire.
It's an easy misunderstood, all things considered.

Hey, no argument there, cant believe they would EVEN consider being in starfleet when at war with the Empire..must all be Klingon criminals or something! But hey I don't even like the idea of Orions, Naussicans or Gorns in the Empire as anything other than slaves. Let them have their own combined Faction I say..complete with their own ships.

Did Cryptic actually say they were going to add Joined Trill to the Empire or just in the game? I would think if they didnt specifically say (and I don't know which is why I ask) then I would think the race would be a feddy thing.

Joined Trill for Klingons
People who have ordered the DDE should have Joined Trill Available for both Federation and Klingon factions. The missing Joined Trill from the Klingon Faction is a bug, and we will be fixing it soon.

Oddly soon is in no way shape or form the same as within the time frame you might like to use you know that first month you were supposed to have access to it...

And that post is 2-5-10

Over a month ago...