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03-10-2010, 10:33 AM
Hmmm, I leveled over 5 grades this weekend fast does it need to be for the KDF?

Plus, what sthe big rush, there is nothing but the same thing at Gen/Adm5 as there was at Lt 5...just in fancier and bigger ships. Everyone still pops too fast, its the same focus fire, the same Fed/KDF balls, the same basic relativity(sucking at grade 1, getting in a groove at grades 3-6, being uber at grade 7-9).

Frankly, im here to enjoy the experience...Im taking in the sights, sounds and smells of scorched tritanium, burnt flesh and crushed bodies and hulls...Im smelling the flowers along the path of my warrior's journey. i purposely stopped leveling my main BoP at Captain grade 1...whats the rush...whats the point?

Im now leveling my Cruiser Alt, but i want a T2 cruiser experiences, so Im going to try and slow his roll(currently at Lt. Com 5) a bit so I can experience that too. As it is now, we are just Locomotives heading down a track that isnt fast do we really want to go...what i sthere for us at the current end except a title?

I'd like to get on the Tribble Server to allow me to further marinate in the experience.