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03-10-2010, 09:57 AM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
Since you are obviously blind and unable to distinguish a human from a Klingon I guess you obviously aren't a warrior anymore. And the Hegh'bat is also used by dishonoured Klingons. You're a honourless liar by claiming that the Federation attacked the Klingon and Romulan empires. So you have two good reasons to perform it.

I didn't know that weapon exchanges between brothers are considered "dealing".... Ohhh, let me guess, you're one of those ridgeless augment-Klingons. Didn't you know we have a cure for that. Maybe you should find a good doctor on Quo'nos who can make a true Klingon out of you.

You shouldn't compare Klingons and Jamaicans. Otherwise you could find yourself impaled. Multiple times. Through multiple organs.
Dear Admiral Earther,
You are a little bit correct in this. I can tell who is Klingon but not necessarily who is Starfleet. Starfleet officers usually have their back to me as they run for dear life.

Let's discuss your brother... What is the expression that you earthers use?....OH YES "I travelled there".
Your brother, by giving a bat'leth to you is indeed an arms dealer. I am certain he did not contact the Klingon High Command for permission. It does not matter if he gave one weapon or a dozen weapons.

You agitate me like no earther has ever done in the past. Are you a relative of one James Tiberius Kirk? He was another meddlesome earther who was a thorn in our side in the past.

Your Vulcan Lapdog Admiral Spock attacked Romulas and Remis with some sort of Red Matter device. It is a pity that the Romulans are not allied with us. We would be perfectly happy to carve Earth right down the middle and share.

Your starfleet has attacked us and will attack us relentlessly. In good faith, I request that you remove all Federation warships from the Neutral Zone. Perhaps this will be a good start to mending the Federation's vast aggressions against my people.

Lurcita of the House Kleri