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03-10-2010, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by DocNeutron
i noticed this 90% of the time it a small hypo or shield charge other times its food and 5% of the time normal loot the lack of very rare stuff is too rare so far i am at almost captain and nothing very rare dropped.

Problem is this stuff is junk at our level i end up throwing away a lot more than i keep seems the loot table is messed up level wise i keep getting mk IV stuff, mk II ect as drops.
You know I wouldn't mind if it was 'food'! I'm a Tribble Breeder. I keep the chart up all the time. And I get excited when food drops...

But for all Ground Explore missions, even the anomalies are worthless!

Originally Posted by Zepath View Post
Well at least you had something to do. I quit doing that exploration stuff because I got tired of the "beam down, run around to the 5 nodes to scan and beam out."

Those mission are such a waste of my time .... but not even close to the amount of time they had some Developer spend writing them.

There's so many missions in this game where my team-mates say, "Seriously ... how long to you think it took some Developer to make this mission? Were they high?"
I hear you. Sometimes I do those missions, and the "collect 5 data samples", just to get a few more explore badges. But most of the time I warp in ... discover it's a ground mission ... then I warp out. I love the "Defend the Asteroid Base" missions. The Enemies come to me. It's 4 regular squads and a Battleship. And while Battleships almost always drop batteries, some of the others drop a white item.

And I guess that when I'm doing explore missions the "reward" is the item I can buy with the Badges. Still, since I've been doing the regular missions with a friend, so I have to split the drops with him on those, I'm relatively poor. And it's my perception that when a game does this type of thing, the Devs are choosing to promote RMT. Though they may not be doing so consciously. And I really don't understand why they would foster that kind of thing. It destroys a game's economy.