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03-10-2010, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by RichardJ View Post
If I recall correctly, the ability to train ST III was given to Doctor 9 rather than Scientist 9 by mistake. It's fixed on the test server (I have Scientist up to 9 there, and was able to train a BO in ST III properly), so hopefully the fix will be coming to Holodeck soon.

Irritating though, I put points into Scientist for the same reason!
Yes, I can now confirm that a Doctor skill of rank 9 does seem to confer the ability to train Science Team III. But I am still unable to do so with any of my Bridge Officers, when my rank is Captain.

Please understand me! I don't care so much about how you want to set up the game. But since you couldn't go to the trouble to fix the wording in your skill chart. I think you should give us the option to recover the skill points from that one skill. It's not our fault that we had inaccurate information.