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03-10-2010, 12:01 PM
I think I can address at least a couple of the issues in this thread.

If you are entitled to additional costume slots, you access them at a Tailor. On the screen where you select which costume you want to edit, there will be more than one option below your captain's name. You can modify each of these slots individually. I do not have specific information on when or how you obtain additional slots other than fleet membership.

If your costume shows an error (big red text), you need to open up the tailor and modify the costume with the error. Jransom (one of our developers) addressed that in this thread:

TalosPike, about the officer with missing legs: It looks like her costume got corrupted somehow, so the pants are just not drawing at all. Go to a tailor and modify her costume, and this should fix the problem. You'll probably see big red errors at the tailor until you do so.

In general, please keep in mind that Bug Reports are there to give us information that errors and bugs are occurring, and provide data for us to identify trends and fix things. They are not a support channel, and if you need in-game help please use the "Request GM Help" option instead. This will get you the help you need much more quickly.

Thanks everyone!