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03-10-2010, 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by Matt_Dravis
It sounds like you want consequences for actions/decisions, which is a separate but related issue.

If/when we have death penalties for PVP, then balance becomes a larger concern. And again, the reason why balance becomes a concern in this game is that both sides pay equally for entertainment, so both sides' customers expect an equal potential or chance to succeed.
I disagree. The only things that I feel that should be changed are the no-skill skills. The biggest I can think of is SNB and VM spamming.

I wouldn't care if they were a once per battle thing, but getting nailed with them 3 times in a row because the other side has 3 science guys, is just ridiculous. I used my 2 sci teams to counter the first 2 vm's, but got hit with a 3rd snb and vm right after that. Nobody can tank that long. All I ask for is a 3 min immunity following getting nailed with them. Spread the love around a bit.