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03-10-2010, 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by coraon
You want this to end? Track the spammers IP's and ban the subnet from logging into the game, when their ISP complains give them the logs of which IP's it was and have them deal with the users under most countries anti spamming laws. You have options but if you refuse to use them then you are just as guilty as the spammers.
Agree. Or go 1 step farther and don't allow new account to be created from IP subnets where the spamers have been reported. Post an error message. Something like, "We are sorry, there was a problem creating your account, please call Customer Support...". I doubt the gold-energy-sellers-spammers would call.

EDIT: Back on topic... get good Anit-Malware anit-Keylogger software and run them often.