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03-10-2010, 01:16 PM
Thank you for the response.

To answer your questions;

1. It is entirely random. Sometimes I am auto teamed with someone who has completed the first objective, sometimes not. It is essentially luck of the draw.

2. I would say this causes the mission to fail 99% of the time IF I zoned in after the first objective was completed (I believe this is the key to it). If I am auto teamed while zoning in and no objectives had been completed yet, the mission completes with no problems.

3. I don't recall the specific system names off the top of my head, but this happened while playing characters of varying level on the Federation side. I was doing patrols in Iota Pavonis on one character and patrols in the Bajor/Cardassia sector on the other. If this happens again I will append the specific system / mission names to this post, but I do not believe this is isolated to one area.

4. I was able to continue by exiting the patrol system and dropping the team, then re-entering the system and completing the required objectives. The first few times I encountered this, I just repeated the mission after exiting the first time and then it cleared.