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03-10-2010, 06:44 PM
As an update to my previous post, this seems to occur on any patrol or episode mission where the mission aquisition only occurs after you click through the initial instance dialogs. Missions that start the mission acquisition before the initial instance dialogs do not seem to have this issue. Unfortunately, the number of missions configured to spawn mission acquisition immediately after zone is very low. Suggest revisiting all of the patrol and episode missions to spawn the acquistion message immediately after zone instead of after the initial dialogs.

Auto-team members joining the map after the initial dialogs have been clicked but before the first objective is completed get instanced into the map with the mission name and objectives, but do not receive the initial instance dialogs or the "mission acquired" confirmation.

Originally Posted by GM_Litana
Now, has anyone gotten a mission and actually done it solo (not teamed at all), and run into problems completing it properly? My hope is that this set of circumstances is the only one we need to worry about.
Yes, but the only one that stands out in memory at the moment is Fed Lvl 5 "Stop the Signal". If you die on any space map past the first one, the respawn option will send you all the way back to the first map and then your objective is 200 to 300 km away. The only workaround I've found is to exit back to sector and then continue the mission which will spawn you at the correct spawn point on the correct space map.

I've also noticed the same problem above in Fed Lvl 3 Hide and Seek.

Lastly, if you are joining an established team or auto-team that has completed the objectives from the first map and moved on and are just joining the instance, you may end up spawning at the first map while your teammates are actively fighting on a subsequent map 200 to 300km away. The workaround mentioned above for solo play also seems to work when joining team instances.