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03-10-2010, 08:27 PM
Originally Posted by MAK0 View Post
Back to the topic at hand... there is no reason.

But do they make up the language or only use the phrases in the movies?
Who is 'they'? If you mean Cryptic, apparently they made up the mokbara phrase (with a phrase that does not match existing canon), which is what the original post is about.

If you mean Doohan and Okrand, they made up the basis of the language, and then subsequent writers added onto it as they went along.

So, in my opinion, Cryptic should take from what the Star Trek writers already did.


Regarding your definition of language, the 'community or nation' in question is fictional. Yes, we all know that. We all agree. These are fictional languages and useless in real. Again, we're talking about a game, not real. And we're talking about adherence to the existing language (the existing canon) -- and building onto it if they wish -- rather than altering existing canonical phrases.