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03-10-2010, 09:08 PM
Don't see it needing to be Klingon only or bat'leth only. A melee only PVP match would be pretty awesome if it were technically possible to limit the players joining it. That gives people the option of martial arts, bat'leths, and any of the coming other melee weapons.

Also have to agree with Slamz, not just because he always seems to be right, but because he is right. What makes ground PVP fun is the potential synergies in your own skills/kits/weapons and also with your team. Granted, some of those abilities don't thematically mesh with a melee pvp match, but it'd be more fun including those that don't fit than it would be not having any of those extra abilities.

After all, the reason it's so much fun killing science officers is because they can so easily disable you. It's meaningful when you take one down 1v1, or sweet revenge when you unload on him after seeing him blow his heals on his teammates.