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03-10-2010, 08:26 PM
I love my Klingon, but Battle Cloak should remain limited to the BoP. Not because it's Cannon, but because it's fair to the Feds. If both Raptors and BoP had Battle Cloak, the feds would hardly every win a match, because we would never die.. We'd simply cloak, maneuver, and attack again. It is hard enough for feds to handle BoP's doing that in combat with multiple targets. Raptors would be over kill.

Also, if Raptors had Battle Cloak, hardly anyone would fly a BoP... Add to that Universal slots in Raptors, and nobody would fly a BoP at all...

The desire of Raptors over BoP is higher DPS at the cost of no Battle Cloak. If you want Battle Cloak, fly a BoP..