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03-10-2010, 09:43 PM
The thought of being corrected on Klingon grammar was one of the things holding me back from buying this game. Anything Star Trek is a bit difficult to approach because there are people out there who actually know Klingon, understand Andorian wedding ceremonies, and feel very strongly that anything other than what they know is wrong.

The problem is that it's not reasonable to expect everyone else to have the same level of knowledge, even people who are create parts of the franchise.

Frankly the Star Trek shows have never been very consistent, which makes it unreasonable to expect consistency anywhere else. In the Star Trek I grew up with, Klingon sounded exactly like English only spoken by second-rate stage-actors. I do appreciate that someone went to the trouble of making up a language for the movies and the later series, but it's still just a literary device to make Klingons seem more alien and exotic -- the grammar kind of doesn't matter as long as it seems there might be a pattern to it.

If you need a canonical explanation: it's just a different dialect. Like American English and British English (I used to work with a bunch of British soldiers, and while the officers were perfectly understandable I have no idea what language working-class Brits speak, because it's certainly not english in any form). Maybe the quote is in the Klingon equivalent of King James' English. It's pretty normal for certain phrases to be in odd or archaic language.

At any rate, complaining about Klingon grammar is the sort of thing that passes into "scary" territory. It's beyond fun.