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03-10-2010, 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by rezmerelda
I hit RA5 a few days ago and stopped gettinng mission exp.(skill points)...I get BO skill points, but no skill points for my main character...???
I submitted 2 tickets w/ no response from GM...

Any suggestions?

Let me get this straight: you have opened not only one, but two tickets on this, before you even considered asking some other player ingame or in the forum about this?


The reason why no GM has replied on this yet is because this is in no way a bug or an error. The current skill point limit is at 60700, which equals the rank Rear Admiral 5. Any points you gain afterwards are still awarded, but "only" as Bridge Officer Skill Points.

In short, no bug here, you simply reached the level cap. You can erase those two tickets now.