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Originally Posted by MAK0 View Post
Can you name a official source for the Klingon Language?

There is none, the Klingon language is made up, just like Elvish, and the language of the Navi.

Your statement makes no sense, since there is nobody who uses Klingon for commerece, communication and disimination of information in the execution of everyday life it is about as official as the language of Wookies.

So if the source is from a dubious website, a dubious college who offers the useless language as a elective or a dubious book, it is all dubious.
Marc Okrand is the official source of the Klingon language. He's a linguist hired by Paramount to develop the language for use in the movies and tv series.

He's written numerous reference works for the language including The Klingon Dictionary, The Klingon Way, Klingon for the Galactic Traveller, Conversational Klingon & Power Klingon audio casettes, the Klingon interactive PC game, and various other things like trading cards and pamphlets. All are copyrighted by Paramount.

Klingon has it's own body of literature and several books have been written in the language including a few Shakespeare plays, like Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing. Songs and plays have been performed in the language, including Dicken's A Christmas Carol.

Members of the Klingon Language Institute correspond with each other in the language and hold annual gatherings. Universities have taught courses in Klingon.

Various other products have used Klingon. You can set your Google browser to display in Klingon. I have a Timex digital watch with controls labelled in Klingon.

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