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03-10-2010, 10:22 PM
Originally Posted by Mark_Arac
What? Like Klingons do all the time?
It was your choice to roll Fed. When the differences became more pronounced between the 2 factions, it was still your choice to stay Fed. From the sound of your post, you haven't even rolled a KDF toon just to see how it was like playing as one, or better yet, experience first hand what it IS like to fight as one.

1) There's a lineup of ships in STO that have a wide variety of ship classes that compliment each other extremely well. Well balanced overall, IMO, and leaning towards durability compared to their counterpart faction's ships. Suited for a standup, prolonged fight, but at the cost of no stealth.

2) There's a lineup of ships in STO that have a more limited scope of ships, but heavily lean towards maneuverability, offense, and stealth. But it comes at a price of less durable ships. "Offense is the best defense" is the mindset here, as well as the stalking hunter, since trading blows with the general lineup of ships for this faction isn't ideal.

You stubbornly choose to be in selection 1, and want to remove or take a piece of a unique characteristic of the opposing faction?