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03-11-2010, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by USAFRet20 View Post
There has to be some other way to get credits in game. . . It seems pointless to have to fly around like a maniac after a fight (or during) to get loot in order to sell it at a few hundred credits at a time. It's an incredibly long and painful process to get credits to upgrade your ship. Plus competing for said loot gets a little frustrating with the people you are fighting with.
In game ways to make credits
(1) play the exploration missions. Besides badges there are "Drops" to gather
(2) play the exchange market game.. i.e. Buy and Sell
(3) Become a "Crafter" at Memory Alpha
(4) Become a "Tribble Breeder" and sell rare tribbles

all these are open, and I have done all of them.