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In case the title wasn't clear, let me reiterate from the beginning that this question is about Klingons in the Federation. The playable Federation Klingon that players can buy from the C-Store for 240 points, unlocking Klingon as a race for future playable characters.

My Federation Klingon has a tribble equipped. When I "use" it, I see the tribble bounce twice in my hand, and my character snaps his head back like he's saying, "WTF is this?" Then he pokes at the tribble, and it bounces again, then he puts it away.

The tribble buffs never show up on my character.

Can this character not get tribble buffs because he's a Klingon and Klingons and tribbles don't get along? Or do the buffs just not show up anymore, by intent or some newly-introduced bug?