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03-11-2010, 11:26 AM
The standard argument is "this is not a 1v1 game join a team". These players are called Klingons. They refuse to roll a Federation character and try to counter SNB + VM + CRF + HYT because they know deep down that it's impossible to survive if all of the Klingons have that combo. There is no way to survive 5 BoP's spamming SNB + VMx2. PvP right now is just a matter of how many Science Officers each side brings to the fight, nothing more to it at all.

Toss up some resist buffs before they attack you say? How exactly can Federation players do that when you're cloaked? There's no way to tell when the attack will come until it's too late. PvP most of the time is all about who has more VM's and which team brought more Science Teams to cure the VM's. That's it.

Nothing more can be said about this games pvp than that. Which is sad. Not sure I'm gonna pay for another month because it's not fun getting killed and not being able to push a SINGLE button to save myself. 5 BoP's can burst through whatever healing my 1-2 team mates who can move could ever do. PvP is broken and I'd rather play Bad Company 2 than this game. That's the truth.

Granted my Science ship is outfitted for supreme heals and tanking. I've played in Borg Hunt for 30+ minutes just flying around killing people through long drawn out fights that required smart use of cooldowns. Then comes along this BoP who SNB's and VM's me and I die. A ship that is 100% dedicated to defense is completely helpless against this. Bad game design.