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03-11-2010, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by lunatec View Post
1. 50% of KDF don't know what to do when a carrier is in game...they run off, leaving it undefended and unsupported. When this happens, the risk of losing the match goes up significantly.
Very true. Admittedly, my guild, who has played games together for years, also didn't immediately come up with how best to handle carriers. Until you fly one I don't think it's possible to appreciate how slow and vulnerable they can be, yet how powerful they can be when an effort coordinates around them.

(Our latest trend is the "Convoy". Carrier A is in the front. Carrier B follows Carrier A. Carrier C follows Carrier B. Any non-carriers fly freely but stay in the vicinity of the carriers. This has been working great. Half of why I want to level a Fed is to try this same thing with the big Fed cruisers.)

2. Feds that stay close to the center of the map do better than when they hang out by a spawn point.
I think this is a function of the broken queue system causing uneven spawns, which seems to victimize Feds more than Klingons. They're waiting at the spawn because they hope that by doing so it will be 5v5 and not 5 Klingons vs 2 Feds in the middle of the map.

I can't blame em for that.

3. feds suck at spawn camping
Only the first two words of this sentence were really necessary.

4. Mines are more or less useless before Admiral/General.
Space mines, yeah. It's really rare that I get hit by any number of mines and have it do more than annoy me with bright flashes. Ground mines (the one that snare you) are really annoying though.

5. Smack talkers make me want to shoot them.
I believe this is precisely the intended effect that smack talking is intended to have. Well. Maybe newbies smack talk because of their ego but professional smack talkers are trying to either throw the enemy off their game or goad them into not being such chumps next time, because they're tired of easy wins.

9. escorts refuse to use Evasive maneuvers to escape from battle, instead they squibble around in your line of fire wondering why the beams keep tracking them.
Yeah, I really dislike escorts in this game. They're too squishy. And if they use Evasive to escape from battle it ends up hurting their overall DPS badly. As a Tactical Officer, I end up doing more DPS in a cruiser or carrier simply because I can stay in the fight.

I'm not sure what should be done about this though.