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03-11-2010, 01:44 PM
Originally Posted by ReynoldsCK
Well, in the games defense, it's only been out a little over a month. I'm sure there will be a lot more people hitting Rear Admiral over the course of this month. I'm sure pvp queues will get better.
To expand upon what faithborn said, at T5 those who are still playing fed are playing it for PvP. In all other tiers the majority of fed players don't play PvP, but as it's all that's left when you get RA5, then every fed who is online is trying to PvP.

Add this to the fact that, as faithborn said, there's not much to do as a Klingon at BG5 and many leave. Klingons are rare to begin with compared to feds, so it's really exacerbated in T5. Also, the typical fed player at RA5 hasn't leveled mostly with PvP, whereas every klink has. After 500+ games a lot of us get bored (not me, though, I'm still loving it)

So really, it's hard to imagine that the queue will get better without FvF, which would likely be detrimental to klingons, or some massive PvE klingon content that will attract lots of players, but then they may not PvP.

As for the original topic, some tweaks are definitely needed. I've been hit with SNB + VM + CRF + HYT from fed cruisers before and yeah, it sucks. Personally I just sit there, tell my teammates not to bother helping and that I'll be back in the fight shortly. I've never encountered a team, fed or klingon, that chain VM's, though of course YMMV.