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03-11-2010, 12:49 PM
I am a fed sci.. capt

Nerfing a class core abilities, that affect their offensive and defensive capabilities, (both innate and core) where it will not allow a particular class to get stronger when they invest points into their core skills to access tier III, while other classes still get the increase power and use of their tier III abilities to the fullest, without making adjustment to them, does not seems right or fair.

Are any of you who is calling to nerf science abilities, are willing to give science class back more DPS capabilities or better power in other areas - are all the people who cry nerf, before where Cryptic, had nerf the science shield and hull strength because people was complaining it was too tough, or give and reroll MES back to the state it was in CB/OB which really open up PVP, instead of what it is now.. are you willing to give this class more burst damage capabilities, that allow them to use other certain abilities with shorter CD in their key area to allows them to compete?

Science ship and classes, have the weakest hull and DPS of any other class and most of science abilities are DOT with long CD on shared or global timer, are you willing to make adjustments on these,? and in other core area, like better cloaking abilities, better shield strength in return for nerfing a key class core abilities? especially SNB - since this is an innate skill for science class, are you willing to nerf your innate abilities?

I know "attack omega counter VM "

So here a question..Since SNB main focus is to "shut down the system" - Have anyone put enough skill points in all subs system " aux, repair, efficiency, performance" like (5 to 9 points in each and every area) and test it out, using the key BO abilities, ET, ST, Miracle, and others key system skills to determine the impact or see if these if enough skill points are invested have any effects and are the counter?

Is seems me, these will be the systems that will determine the defensive and effectiveness how well SNB will work on you and how long SNB affect will last and are the counter to it.

Crowd Control is the core of the science class abilities, this been stated from day 1 by Cryptic, and when you create your class and pick your ship. This is not new or something people did not understand, CC is the science class/ship core offensive and defensive system, we suppose to control the battlefield field, the ships, the movements, we doing what we suppose to do, and people want to penalty a class, because players are smart enough to figure out how to stack certain abilities.. The issues is not the abilities, the issue is the core design and allowing everyone (all classes) to have access to them and use it collectively, where perhaps, what is needed is either restriction or efficiency/damage cap modifier on using certain non-core abilities outside your specific class.

Before crying nerf.. let take the time to understand everything first and how its impacts all classes, abilities, fractions and ships.