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Ahhh, let me clear things up for you.

The True Way was founded by Miles O'Brien after he left Deep Space 9. After the last episode of DS9, he went back to Starfleet Academy where he taught for several years before being implicated in numerous scandals involving "inappropriate relations" with female students. He was going to a disciplinary hearing when he used a command override on the ships that were docked at Star Base 1, effectively stealing them all. Then he went to Beta Ursae to join with the Cardassians and Jem Hadar to oppose the Federation. Rumor has it that he's mostly cybernetic at this point but it remains to be seen if a mission is going to revolve around this. He did all this to impress Julian Bashir but Bashir was tragically killed in a True Way attack, which drove O'Brien over the edge. O'Brien's main goal is to capture the USS Enterprise.
Impress little story haha,

The game is still bugged regarding the mirror universe content.....whether any patch in the future will fix this remains to be seen. keep playing into the DS9 missions and it will make more sense.