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03-11-2010, 02:50 PM
This has nothing to do with this mission generally speaking, and I will not repeat my reasons I set out in another thread. ( The Anti-quit thread as it happens ) But yes, when my free trial has ended, so will this old, tired wizard retire at the end of the path.

But I have a question some fellow ST fan might help me answer. This is also not related to this thread but it is also still very active so someone might pick it out.
In an (middle to late season TNG) episode a lone scientist says that warp tec is warping subspace in a terrible way and if warp capable species do not slow down the very existance of the universe will be destroyed. (or some such, been a long time) Picard and crew is in the beginning dubious but the scientist in the end sacrifice (her?)self to prove the theory. Picard and crew find that said scientist is right and warp travel in Federation space is severly limited unless a mission is of high importance.

Now I might have missed/forgotten a few episodes, but as far as I can remember it was even mentioned that Picards slow warp speed was suspended because his current mission was of hight importance. That means that stories later on followed through with that warp/danger episode. But as far as I can gather, suddenly problem went away! Was it the war with the Dominion? The Borg? Human error. Writer crisis? Where did this obviously real danger go to? DS9 ships warps as fast as they can, in the TNG movies they certainly do. Voyager wouldn't know better, out of contact with SF/Fed as they are but what happened? Instead of thrawling pver episode by episode, does some fellow Trekkie out there have an amswer for this tired "old" man? All right, FF 13 has addled my brains some and occupies my time but still...