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03-11-2010, 08:40 PM
The suggestion that this consensual PvP quote was a reply to is how faction PvP in Guild Wars: Factions works. The PvE world map is partially split between two factions. Depending on which side has been winning matches more, certain outposts on the map fall under the control of one side or another. There's no PvP fighting in those PvE outposts, both sides can still intermingle but vendors may refuse service to the faction not in control. The PvP maps switch whenever the zone of influence skews back or forth and maps closer to the heart of one side are advantaged toward that side but the opposite side can potentially gain more reward for winning.

This moreso than the open PvP zones we saw in City of Heroes feels like it would be more immersive in a Trek game. The Federation is at war with the Klingons, having a sector or two that goes back and forth with each victory would be fairly interesting. Taking the fight all the way to Earth or Qo'nos is probably a bit much but the Neutral Zone could be a great contentious spot, they're fighting for every dustball planet in that area one at a time.