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03-11-2010, 09:10 PM
PvP is the life blood of any mmo.

The real joy in EVE was the non-consensual PvP. You are in a starship, with heavy weapons, you should either handle yourself in combat or find another line of work.

I think a dose of "realism" would help this situation. If a klingon goes (i.e. makes it to Sol) he would have a difficult time when the Starfleet guys are notified that there is an intruder in the Sol system, Cryptic could even put npc planetary defense array out there.
The more sandbox a game gets the more the imagination of the players is involved. Cryptic should give us the tools and let us come up with our own tactics and strategies, acting only as a referee who steps in if things get *truly* out of hand or out of balance.

I am pleased to hear a dev so committed to what I think is a great course to set for STO: Open PVP Zones. I have had a complete ball in Borg Hunt, and trust me when I say it wasn't because of 5 marks of honor.

Cryptic could also hybridize the pvp/pve modes by allowing weaker Feds to pve in areas their braver counterparts have conquered. There would still be some danger (enemies could gate in on a percentage chance) while they were doing their missions. I think it would be epic to have a klingon ship show up and your Boffs contacting you to that effect, beam back up, fight the ship (and if you are still alive) beam back down and finish the mission.

There is an unlimited amount of potential, and I would like to again take this opportunity to thank Cryptic for making this MMO, it is a framework for what I feel will become the definitive Star Trek experience.

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