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03-11-2010, 10:34 PM
Originally Posted by The_Stig View Post
Did you read the description of Klingon faction ? We are the PvP faction, so hit the ques young one.
The devs saying the Klingons are "the PvP faction" is just a copout, lame excuse for them to put no effort into this faction. The state of Night & Day when this game went live between the KDF & Federation factions speaks volumes. You know where the devs' heart and soul went into... the Federation... by the thoroughly more complete experience a UFP player has, compared to one that goes with the Klingons, where the term "1 dimensional" comes readily to mind.

So you say to a new KDF player to start hitting the PvP ques to be a Klingon? So what? I can do the same with my Federation character, AND still have access to the 90% rest of the game, something the Klingons can't even do. I can get access to superior equipment from PvE or the "so-called-crafting-system" that the Feds have access to.

The fact remains that PvP gets old with the same handful of maps, and with the advent of the SP reward nerf from PvP, makes things more tiring. To compound matters worse for the KDF, when you DO get tired of PvP, the PvE (or to be more exact, what little there is) will make you want to put your c*** on a chopping block.
Originally Posted by Cap_10_Ed View Post
Playing as a Klingon requires determination and teamwork to get anywhere. There is only PvP. However, I find the players on the Klingon side to be more competent and helpful... plus fewer spammers.
There's no spamming in the KDF side of the game because even the Gold Sellers know that there aren't enough players there to even bother wasting an account that's going to get banned.

That speaks volumes about how many KDF players there are, and how much the faction is worth in their money grabbing eyes.