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03-11-2010, 09:49 PM
Those of us who love the Klingon side and that have stuck with it so far are putting all our hopes on the 45 day patch adding enough to keep us here.

However, the hope may be false because no matter what they add for us, if they add F v F pvp with all the benefits of *real* pvp, ie experience and medals, it will utterly kill the Klingons dead as a faction.

Why you ask? Because even with all the advantages the feds have that the good Klingons have overcome by teamwork and tenacity, the rampant sci officers taking over everything, the Feds still hate "the cloak" and they will happily fight each other in simulations and never face another Klingon again if given the opportunity.

I watch, and I wait. But I'm not holding my breath.