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03-12-2010, 12:21 AM
Originally Posted by Rumbleskin View Post
thank you jack, open pvp zones = the win there should be some kinda reward there other then pvp aswell, it would make the non die hard pvp'er want to enter the zone aswell. like a few special quests that you would need your fleet with you to help you complete
Why does there need to be some reward to make people that don't really like to PvP enter the zone? If PvP fun, why do you have to tempt people in to do it? Don't need to bait easy prey in, PvP against the people that are in it for the PvP, it's much better than killing inexperienced folks.

Believe me, you think the nerf whines are bad now, wait until experienced PvPers are keeping people that don't like PvP from getting some reward that they can't get any other way... You really don't want to lure people in that don't enjoy PvP.