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03-12-2010, 12:27 AM
well, if we do get a new faction(i agree probably the romulans), the klingon side is going to take a pounding, I wonder if the romulan side will be complete, if so that'll be a real shame considering the resources that will have been spent putting together the romulan faction that could have gone to finishing up the klingon side, guess will just have to wait and see until some official anouncement, at least trying to be optimistic, i'll have somthing new to do since currently a maxed out klingon all i can do is pvp, and kill borg for fun since i wont be gaining any skill points, and it'll be funny when i'm hanging around cloaked in warbird listening to the federation whine about playing like a romulan! but i would have prefered to have a complete klingon faction since they make much better warriors then romulans, but all we can do is just play the waiting game and see what happens.