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ok so no idea cause no one even the new we are making it harder post does not state what is going on.
i did this mission last week and have not tried it since because i got nothing for it.
not a single drop in space nothing on the ground and no merits or medals or anything.
some loot did drop overall but it was all greens so others needed on them and i thought no big deal there will be more i was wrong. after 6 hours and 5 wipes on the queen the team gave up so it was all for nothing i guess.
what do you have to do to get the merits or the rewards? do you only get them after killing queen? how many do you get? and what loot drops from her ground items or ship items and what color and type?

if anyone has finished this and knows why it was or is so devoid of rewards feel free to let me know and for the love of good battiers and food should not be in this thing as a drop thats just a kick in the crotch.