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# 8 List of Known Bugs?
03-12-2010, 05:53 AM
This is no way means QA didn't find it, or that DEV hasn't been actively trying to fix it. All that means is that when the decision is made to move forward we like the Borg will adapt.
Having been working in IT now for the last decade or so as a developer and dev lead I understand the process. I've been in several of these test cycles both pre and post deployment. I also recognize that there is no such thing as a 100% bug free application no matter what some project managers or product leads would like to think. And, sometimes, a go/no go decision needs to be made whether an application should be released with known bugs. Under these circumstances, when the developent and QA teams put together the release notes they include a list of known defects in addition to new features and bug fixes.

Would it be possible to include a list of known bugs in your release notes? The Engineering Report addresses this to some degree. Perhaps coordinating the updates of the Engineering Report with the release notes with a link from one to the other would address this. I certainly wouldn't expect every bug to be listed, rather those that affect the most players that have the most impact. For example, I would have liked to have known that the Big Dig episode was bugged before I attempted it. I would have avoided the Fire Caves on Bajor had I known my bridge offers would suddenly feel so despondent over my poor leadership as captain that they would violently take their own lives in molten lava. I still have nightmares. The horror, the horror....

And, thanks for you efforts and hard work!