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03-12-2010, 05:58 AM
Been watching Voyager again for some weeks now, not a bad series all things considered. Just now I watched and episode called "In the flesh", one of the first episodes on season five. (spoiler ahead for those who have not watched Voyager. Read on at own risk )

The Undine have created a simulations of Starfleet Academy to train infiltrators to invade earth. Voyager finds one of these outposts and discover the plot. War ALMOST breaks out, but Janeway wants to try one last attempt at negotiation. "Boothsby" (head Undine on station) agrees.
The undine's first look at humans were destructive, violent and brutal when Voyager when allied with the borg invaded fluidic space and made big headway with modified borg nanotech. That is why the Undine now want to launch a covert intelligence gathering before perhaps making a large scale invasion. Janeway gives Boothsby another view, that they were desperate and did not know that the Borg had started the conflict in the first place. In the end, Boothsby agrees that war would not be in anyones best interest. Though he is not the highest ranking officer in their society his words carry some weight and he hopes that war will no longer be an issue. On friendly terms Voyager departs, after a few last second goodbyes.

So, first things first. Diplomacy. There were one phaser shot, set on stun (low lever nanoprobes) and one death, an Undine suicide after capture when tensions were still high. No great battle, no slaughter of innocents (civilian or otherwise), no barely veiled threats of anyones mother or even bad language.
After all the strife with the Undine previously, Janeway still tried the diplomatic option. After four years with (almost) no contact with the Federation or Starfleet, Captain Katheryn Janeway still upheld Starfleet principles.
WHY ARE THE UNDINE INVADING!!!! Bar any episode I have not seen yet where things get worse (and I don't think there are), the undine and the federation could actually become allies, even if the undine do not enter our space or join the federation. With the undine on our side the Borh threat could be eliminated and the drones freed like Seven of Nine. I even feel sorry for poor "Admiral Zelle" now. I do no longer want to go to war with the Undine. (borg species number something or other, not good with numbers )

Do you know what I think? I think Starfleet and the Federation have been so invaded and infiltrated that there are no longer anyone from the "real" federation left. And I also hope that this part of star trek lore is ALSO a paralell reality like the newest movie (great film by all means, don't get me wrong). If not I hope it is part of the mirror reality first descovered by Kirk, briefly looked into by Jonathan Archer in an alternate Enterprise double feature and prominently featured in several episodes of DS9. In THAT reality I could believe the Federation would do something like this. Also the whole war thing in general. Well, I have said my piece and will stop now. Anyone agree/disagree with me, feel free to post comments or sent a private message. I will be here for two more days, but will no longer pay money for this travesty.