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The first time I completed this mission there was only the choice of 4 different Impulse engines - of which the Efficient Impulse Engines were clearly far superior. (The rewards themselves come from the Past Imperfect mission which is the second part)

Now though the rewards have changed to include(All Mk IV):
-Hybrid Disruptor/Plasma Beam Array (only shows 2.5% chance of disruptor resistance debuff)
-Paratrinic Shield Array (Looks like Covariant, maybe improved version)
-Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons (I forget what was special about these)
-Efficient Impulse Engines (Same as before).

They all look really interesting, but are still Bind on Pickup so u can only pick one - and still the Impulse Engines seem to be the only ones that scale up well.

(Sharing the mission doesn't let u pick another reward)
I think it would be great if this mission was repeatable so you could take the other rewards as well for the duration of LC.

Any1 know what the Hybrids do? Or any way to get them all on 1 alt?