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03-12-2010, 08:14 AM

Just so Zap doesn't feel like he's all on his lonesome over here, I thought I'd pop in again and let everyone know what we're up to recently.

STF Infected
We've been successful a number of times with this STF, groups of Admirals getting together and beating the content despite the difficulty. It's definitely brought a spark of team play and fun to events, and we're looking forward to more of the same from Cryptic as they release more STFs!

We now have the ability to breed you any kind of tribble you could care to name, as long as you can supply the delicious food they require!

Blood Sworn Coalition
Our Klingon side has been picking up in interest lately as more people are trying out the Klingon possibilities. As we all chat in the same chat channel, even when you're off murdering innocent Federation carebears you can still chat away happily with the rest of the BSC players.

Climbing for fun and... more fun...
It may get nerfed at some point, but many of our members have discovered the joys of reaching heights even the Devs never thought possible... Have a look at one of our more impressive feats by clicking here!