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03-12-2010, 09:42 AM
I've played around on my Tac/Escort RAdm5 and am finally considering switching to a different engine type that will allow me to hit the Def cap without diverting too much to engines. Yea ill lose +5 power to weapons, shields(?), and aux BUT. Im already pushing the weapons power cap through skillpoints, I can make up for its loss with a weapons console...shields do very little for me since i rock covariants exclusively and 1 more regen is a drop in the bucket, I have very few skills that depend on aux and I assure you i wont even notice the turn rate loss.

Being Defense capped (60% with elusive) would sure be a bigger survivability boon than +5 power i wont miss anywhere. There nothing like a HY salvo that completely misses me without Evasive maneuvers on.

It is sad however that this engine did last me sooo long and before my skills were filled in there was simply no other logical choice. These engines were and still are the best choice.