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03-12-2010, 09:56 AM
The USS Amaranth-A

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I had this name picked out for my ship long before open beta actually. The word Amaranth originates from a mythical undying flower. I had intended to call my starter ship the Amaranth and retire it as I continued on. I purchased the Collector's Edition that included the Connie which I originally intended to call the USS Amaranth, but the software didn't arrive until a few days after launch, so I was forced to fly around in my starter ship for about 4 days before I could access the Connie. I used that as the basis of my bio on the stogeek site (link below).

Basically, the original USS Amaranth (Miranda Class vessel) was severely damaged during the Borg invasion (tutorial missions). My character's crew was assigned to the Connie (my software arrived at the house, LOL) and the Amaranth was decommissioned. I flew the Connie, the USS Pennsylvania for the remainder of that level until promotion when I was assigned to the USS Arctic, a sexy sleek Nova class ship, which I renamed to USS Amaranth-A in honor of the mythical undying flower that gave her life to save my character's life and 100+ people the day of the Borg invasion (tutorial missions).

I thought it made for a good story. I will probably continue with the Amaranth name as I progress this character through the game.

Here's the original Amaranth (destroyed/decommisioned)
and the Pennsylvania